Living World Green Grass Cage Mat, Large

The Living World Green Grass Cage Mat is an all-natural hand-woven mat that can be used as bedding, a chew toy or as a play mat by your small pet. When used as bedding, its soothing texture offers a comfortable resting and nesting spot; ideal for protecting sensitive paws from wire bottom cages. As a play mat, small treats can be hidden in between the woven layers to keep your pet active and engaged and provide hours of foraging fun. As a chew toy, it satisfies your small pet’s instinctive need to gnaw, helping to keep its teeth trim and healthy.

Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals.

Size: Large – 42 cm L x 28 cm W x 3 cm D (16.5″ x 11” x 1″)

This is a natural product, size, weight, and color may vary.