Social animals that do well in groups of their own kind (females in particular), pet mice are the smallest mammal ever to be domesticated and come in a myriad of shapes and sizes with differing coats and colours.

Mice are perfect for people who are looking for a pet that is friendly, easy to care for, very active and will give them hours of joy. Mice are intelligent little creatures that, with time and patience, can be trained to do tricks.

Closer to Nature

Inspired by nature, Living World Green brings the natural wholesomeness of our world to your small pet’s world. We take great pride in bringing you authentic products with zero or very minimal manufacturing processing or food additives. Our products are as natural as possible as if made by Mother Nature herself.

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Mouse Care Guide

Looking for practical information about basic mouse care? From what type of habitat to set up to how much to feed your pet, the Living World Green Mouse Care Guide provides you with the information you need to ensure your mouse is healthy and happy.

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