Unfortunately for rats, they get a bad rap, but they actually have a lot going for them. Known as Fancy Rats, pet rats come in a number of varieties with differing coats, ears and tails. Sociable and intelligent, rats are inquisitive, very friendly and love to play. They are meticulous groomers and actually spend more time grooming than cats do! They may even be inclined to groom their companions, animal or human.

Because of their social and empathetic nature, rats thrive in pairs (same gender) or groups.


They are affectionate and full of personality with such interesting behaviours as Bruxing – a teeth-grinding sound they make when they are happy. They are easily trainable, recognize their owners and will come when called.

Low maintenance pets, rats don’t need much – a vertical cage with lots of room for climbing, a good diet along with supplemental fruits and vegetables and chew toys to keep their teeth trim and healthy.



Inspired by nature, Living World Green brings the natural wholesomeness of our world to your small pet’s world. We take great pride in bringing you authentic products with zero or very minimal manufacturing processing or food additives. Our products are as natural as possible as if made by Mother Nature herself.

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Rat Care Guide

Looking for practical information about basic rat care? From what type of habitat to set up to how much to feed your pet, the Living World Green Rat Care Guide provides you with the information you need to ensure your rat is healthy and happy.

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