Social, gentle and fairly low maintenance, hamsters make great pets. There are a number of different varieties, the two most common being the Syrian hamster and the Dwarf hamster (which originate from China and Siberia).

The name Hamster comes from the German word hamstern which means hoarder. Hamsters love to pack food treasures into their enormous cheek pouches, then carefully hide them in special caches! In the wild, this would allow them to forage far away from their permanent home of tunnels and nests, bringing large amounts of food back to store in special chambers.

Hamsters are chewers and their ever-growing teeth require wood chew toys to ensure they’re kept trim and healthy. Energetic and interactive, hamsters love to play and exercise, capable of running several kilometres on their exercise wheels. But most important to note is that they’re nocturnal and most active at night, something to keep in mind if you like absolute silence when you’re sleeping! And, another notable fact is that, however gentle they may be, hamsters are easily startled and may bite if afraid or awakened from sleep.



Inspired by nature, Living World Green brings the natural wholesomeness of our world to your small pet’s world. We take great pride in bringing you authentic products with zero or very minimal manufacturing processing or food additives. Our products are as natural as possible as if made by Mother Nature herself.

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Hamster Care Guide

Looking for practical information about basic hamster care? From what type of habitat to set up to how much to feed your pet, the Living World Green Hamster Care Guide provides you with the information you need to ensure your hamster is healthy and happy.

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