Guinea pigs are wonderful pets – they’re hardy, relatively quiet, gentle and don’t shy away from a good cuddle. Extremely personable, guinea pigs quickly learn to recognize their owners and may even squeak with delight when they see them.

Contrary to their name, guinea pigs are neither from Guinea nor are they pigs. They are actually members of the rodent family, believed to originate from South America, and come in a variety of breeds, from the popular smooth American guinea pig to the (almost) hairless skinny pig, each with its own temperament and maintenance requirements.

Guinea pigs are herbivores and their daily nutritional requirements come mostly from hay, which helps with their digestion, helps prevent obesity as well as provides environmental enrichment and will keep their ever-growing teeth trim and healthy.

Because guinea pigs are prone to scurvy, Vitamin C is an extremely important addition to their diets as they cannot produce it on their own. Vitamin C can be found in good quality extruded foods which should be fed in addition to an unlimited fresh supply of hay. Fresh leafy greens high in Vitamin C round out a balanced diet and a healthy treat every so often is always welcome.

Living World Green strives to bring the best of our natural world to your pet’s world while thinking about the environment at the same time. From healthy foods and snacks containing wholesome and natural ingredients to bedding made from FSC certified wood to recyclable packaging, Living World Green is committed to providing the best for your pet and the planet.

Closer to Nature

Inspired by nature, Living World Green brings the natural wholesomeness of our world to your small pet’s world. We take great pride in bringing you authentic products with zero or very minimal manufacturing processing or food additives. Our products are as natural as possible as if made by Mother Nature herself.

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Guinea pig Care Guide

Looking for practical information about basic guinea pig care? From what type of habitat to set up to how much to feed your pet, the Living World Green Guinea Pig Care Guide provides you with the information you need to ensure your cavy is healthy and happy.

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